Employer Refuses to Pay Overtime?

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When Can an Employer Avoid Paying Overtime?

Some independent contractors and salaried employees may not be eligible to receive overtime pay. However, your employer might be unlawfully mislabeling your status to avoid paying you overtime. Check with an attorney to find out how employers should classify their workers.

In general, most employees—especially hourly employees—are eligible for overtime pay. Still, despite their eligibility, many employees lose out on overtime pay because their employers manipulate the system and/or their employees to avoid the overtime rules. The medical and construction industries are notorious for employing such tactics, which can include:

  • Manipulating the schedule to make overtime hours appear as regular hours
  • Expecting a small workforce to complete a large workload in a limited time
  • Shifting employees between multiple companies that they own so that the employees’ hours never exceed eight hours a day or 40 hours a week for any of the companies, even though they are actually working overtime for a single employer
  • Threatening an employee with retaliation if they do not forgo overtime pay

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Getting what you deserve under overtime law is not a bonus or privilege – it is your right. If your employer is forcing you to work extra hours but denying you overtime pay, or if you are being threatened with wrongful termination because you refuse to put in overtime hours for anything less than overtime pay, our employment lawyers may be able to help you. Our attorneys assist both English and Spanish-speaking clients, and we can help you regardless of your immigration status. For a confidential, no-cost evaluation, contact us today.